Friday, 27 January 2017

Five-Minute Friday: Control

What is it about being in control that so appeals to us? Is it that we think we can do a better job at running our lives than God can? How’s that working out for you?

I know in my own life that whenever I try to control things, things get out of control. Whether that’s my circumstances or other people or whatever. It just seems to wind up a mess if I’m not working in cooperation with God. This reminds me that I need him, oh, I need him; every hour I need him. 

If I want things to go well (and who doesn’t?), I need to seek God’s wisdom, God’s direction, God’s help. I need to have the Holy Spirit dwelling and working within me. I need to let Christ live his life through me, rather than me trying to live my life ‘for’ him. Every resource I need for godly living is accessible to me when I live this way.

Let’s not be so grasping. Loosen control and see where God leads.

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  1. Oh, I haven't heard that song in a bit. Such a beautiful reminder! I think this is my first time here so may I say, "Nice to meet you!" Blessings!

    1. Nice to meet you as well, Joanne! Sorry for the delay in replying!


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