Friday, 13 January 2017

Five-Minute Friday

So here I am for my first Five-Minute Friday on this new site. Five-minute Fridays encourage writers to write for five minutes on the word of the week, post their words on their blog(s), and link up the post at Kate Motaung's FMF page.

This week's word is "middle." Before reading on, it's important to note that I do have good friends and people in my life who are trust-worthy, so I hope no one will be offended or take my piece the wrong way. These were just random thoughts that came to me as I let my fingers do the typing, which is how the ideal 5-minute Friday works.

Piqued your curiosity? 

Press on...

Middle. I’ve been in the middle for as long as I can remember. I’ve always been that go-to person, the one who’s identified as the “good listener,” the “confidante,” the secret-keeper.” If you want to tell someone something and have it go no further, I’m your gal. I’m a close-lidded container, a coffin, an urn. Your secret will go to the grave.

I guess I take some pride in being so trusted. And it is a good thing to be a person of your word, not a gossip, not a rumour-monger. No one needs to worry if they tell me something that they’ll later hear it from someone else. I’m not fond of back-stabbers and have no desire to be one. A careless word has caused many a hardship and ruined many a friendship.

Still, being the repository of so much that is private can also be a kind of burden. The weight of secrets can weigh a person down over time. Or wear you like a well-polished stone. And when you’ve found that trust is sometimes a one-way street, to whom do you tell your own stories? You keep them between your heart, your lips, and God’s ear, a whisper between earth and heaven. In that middle place.


  1. I relate to your post. It is a great thing to be trusted by people but definitely not an easy place to be in when you begin to feel burdened or when it seems to be a one-way street. Visiting from FMF#47.

    1. Thanks for visiting, Lesley. I appreciate your affirmation :)


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