Thursday, 19 January 2017

If I Were President

Today's Think Write Thursday prompt is to come up with "3 things you would do if YOU were the President of the United States."

1. Seek wisdom

There are so many issues that a president has to be aware of and act on. My first priority would be to seek wisdom and like Solomon plead with God, "give your servant a discerning heart to govern your people and to distinguish between right and wrong" (I Kings 3:9a). 

Like the kings of old, it would be important to me to surround myself with wise advisors as well. I would want people who are knowledgeable, experienced and expert in their fields, and who hold to the highest moral and ethical values in their personal and professional lives.

2. Provide for my people

Obviously running a country is very complex and there are likely no easy fixes. But in "providing for my people," my goal would be to improve the economy (employment, trade, etc.) and eradicate poverty to the best of my ability. I would want to see that everyone had enough quality food to eat, shelter and clothing, health care, education, and a clean environment.

3. Protect my people

Putting out fires
I would create and enforce legislation that protected people from all manner of crime as well as from war and internal and external threats (domestic and foreign terrorism). 

I know this is all very general and rather vague, but I am trying to paint a picture with broad brush strokes. It's a fact that as a Canadian-born person, I have no chance of ever becoming POTUS, and while Prime Minister may technically be within reach, I have no political aspirations. My ego isn't sufficiently large and I lack the competitive streak needed to campaign and debate.

Nice house

Okay, I do have a competitive side, but only when it comes to games like Scrabble and Checkers...

What three things would you tackle if you were President of the United States?

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  1. I love this list - especially the first one! From this blog to the trumpenfuhrer's tiny little mind! And, the first one is the perfect entry for the remaining - because with wisdom, to leave those things out - then you are not being wise. Beautiful post!

    1. Thanks, Kat! And I had to laugh when you said "trumpenfuhrer"!

  2. With wisdom and wise people surrounding you, you can accomplish good things for ALL, and I especially like your emphasis on morals and ethics!

  3. I had the same idea about seeking wisdom in leadership. Great minds think alike!

    1. And we need more great minds in political office :)


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