Friday, 3 March 2017

Five-Minute Friday: Flash Fiction

Apologies for not posting more regularly; I'm trying to focus on my novel, but between working and trying to maintain my home, it's a challenge.

Today's Five-minute Friday prompt is "purpose." I've determined to use these prompts to write some flash fiction to get the creative juices flowing. Here's today's result:

At twenty-one, Bethany was still trying to figure out her purpose in life. What was she meant to do? Who was she to become? Her thoughts were scattered on this. The years in high school, heavily influenced by her teachers and peers, had left her confused. What had seemed so plain as a child and through her early growing-up years had faded and died a slow death. What was truth? There seemed to be your truth and my truth, but no absolute truth. Was this right, or was this a great lie perpetrated by the masses who didn’t really want to know what the truth was? If there was no truth, could there be any real purpose beyond doing what you wanted, what felt good, what was out there? YOLO, right? You only live once. Why not live it up? But that left her feeling so empty at the end of the day. It felt like there was something missing, some great hole in her life. There had to be something beyond this, didn’t there? Bethany was determined to figure out what that was, even if she had to put her actual life on hold to do it. She’d heard that if you seek the truth, you will find it, and the truth would set you free. She wanted to be free. Oh, how badly she wanted it.

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