Thursday, 18 May 2017

Dear Younger Me

Today's Think Write Thursday comes with my last apology for not blogging more frequently. My reality is that it's a challenge to get my novel-writing/revising done, and that writing has to take precedence over all other. So I'm going to own the infrequency of my blog posts.

Anyway, today's topic is to give advice to my five year-old self, my sixteen year-old self, my twenty-one year-old self and  my now self.

Here goes:

5: Hey cutie, enjoy your childhood years. They are fleeting. Already you are beginning to be a writer. Keep singing, making up your songs and stories. Get Mom to write them down or give you a tape recorder (yes, a tape recorder!) so you can remember them. Some of your work is actually pretty good and you'll also want to track your progress.

16: Get over your shyness, hon; it's holding you back. You're as everything as anybody else. Let your personality shine through; it's bigger than you think. Don't let the words and actions of others define you. They put other people down out of a need to feel better about themselves.

21: Academics are important but they're not the only thing. Now that you and your high school friends have pretty much gone your separate ways (at least for the present), you need to build new relationships. Don't hide from people by burrowing your nose in books, assignments and studying. I know you want to do well, but get out more and enjoy life. It's happening all around you.

Now: You've been through a lot since you were 21. Made some mistakes and some good decisions too. This is a challenging stage - sandwiched as you are between young adult children and an aging parent - it's important to find the balance. Re-read that book on self-care and apply some of its strategies. You need to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else. Keep up those massage appointments, your book club, and meals out with friends; keep reading and writing. Keep eating healthfully and try to get more exercise. Hopefully you've got a lot of years left in you; make them the best they can be.

Dear reader, what would you say to your younger self?

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