About Me

Wearing my 'Where the Wild Things Are' Hat
It all started at the library! At age three, I paid my first visit and was immediately hooked on books. Writing follows on the heels of loving stories, and I've been writing stories, poems and songs all my life.

I was a reader first, then a writer, then a librarian. Now I am a reader-librarian-writer.

I've been affirmed as a writer since my earliest days, but the first professional acknowledgement of my writing abilities was a novice writers' award from The Word Guild (2003, I think). This was followed by the publication of my first short story. More short fiction and personal experience stories have since been published. I contribute to the Inscribe Writers Online blog on the 4th day of each month.

I wear other hats too: wife, mother, daughter, friend, volunteer, dog-owner, writers' group member, blogger, book-club leader, chauffeur. Which hat shall I wear today?

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