"I really savoured your story, A Bonny Blue Christmas. It was interesting to learn about Swedish cuisine and culture, the story's descriptions are vivid, the dialogue is good and it's a really neat story very well-told... Thank you for writing this story and for this book!" ~Tori M.

"I finally read your story... I had to wrestle it away from my Mom (who read it and loved it by the way). I loved it too!" ~Heather G.

"I finally got the opportunity to read your story (no easy task with a one year old running around). I quite enjoyed it - I empathized with Mary Jo's character right away and could feel her emotions. I admired the way you wove quiet comic relief into the tense moments . . . and I also felt that you wove scripture into your plotline quite skillfully. I'll be watching for your other books for sure!" ~Jennifer S.

"I was deeply impressed with the brief conversation between Kenneth and Santa at the store...what a beautiful generosity to give what we love to others...A little bit of fragrance always clings to the hand that give roses." ~Hamza H, Saudi Arabia

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